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  • A Customized Field Van for Tailgating and More.

A Customized Field Van for Tailgating and More.

The sky’s the limit with Field Van's fully customizable Range Series. After 30 plus years of building custom vans, Field van has developed a variety of what we call “Semi-custom” floor plans that fit 80% of our customers needs. However, when you really want to push the envelope, or maybe just have a particular design or function in mind, that is when we move into our full custom Range series builds. Recently we were lucky enough to have one of our amazing customers bring their custom Range series van back to home base here in our factory, so that we could do a walk-through tour of their van. In our YouTube video tour, you'll see that this fully customized vehicle has all the features necessary for a truly unforgettable adventure. So let's take a look! On this Range Series build our customers came to us with a particular need in mind. While they wanted the van to be ready for outdoor adventures and traveling, they also wanted a vehicle that would be the star player when it came to tailgating their favorite sporting events. With a flip-down counter for serving snacks, two refrigerators - one inside, and one accessible from outside (gotta have your tailgating beverages ready!) - and an exterior propane hookup for barbecues, you'll have everything you need to enjoy tailgating. If it gets too cold or too hot, head inside the van and watch the pregame on the built-in television and hang out in the spacious rear seating area.
On the offroad adventure side of this multi-purpose van we added Raptor liner to hood and grille to protect the exterior from brush and branches on dirt roads and make cleaning up after a long drive a breeze.It also has an upgraded suspension RIP kit from Agile Offroad, a CaTuned off road front bumper, a winch in case you get yourself in a sticky situation, an Aluminess roof rack for gear storage, Baja Designs LP6 amber lights for dusty trails or foggy conditions, and a Rigid Pro-series Light bar to light up your way in dark.
For travelling in all kinds of weather and to keep the inside comfortable for those tailgating guests we’ve equipped this van a 12-volt rooftop AC,an Elwell Timberline system hot water heater and furnace that runs on diesel from the fuel tank, insulated window coverings all around, and our extreme weather insulation package. To power those systems and keep the party going this van has 720 Amp/hours of Lithium battery power and a 3000W inverter so you'll have all the energy and comfort you need on your journey. The rear area of this van converts from an nearly King size bed into a spacious seating are for entertaining guests or waiting out foul weather. It also has a custom storage area, accessible from both inside and out to carry all the necessary
Whether you're tailgating, camping or exploring the open road, Field Van's custom Range Series can be tailored to your exact needs making for fun and comfortable adventures or anything else that captures your interest. To watch the full van tour video check out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6fqBQiUOdM. Interested in getting more information on this customized model or similar ones? Give us a call at (559) 233-8267 - Happy travels!