Our Vans

The van that quickly became a legend — the 4x4 Ford E-350 Classic.

We start with a Ford E-350 cutaway chassis with the 7.3L V-8 Godzilla motor. We then tear down the stock suspension and install a custom designed Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 front axle in the front to pair with the rear Ford full float Dana 60 axle.

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Heavy Duty drivelines connect the axles to an Atlas II transfer case. Partial military wrap leaf springs, Sumo Springs in the rear and purpose-built Fox shocks round out our suspension package which results in a 6” lift over factory and can accommodate 35” Tires.

We then mate our custom designed fiberglass body to the Ford chassis. The fiberglass body with steel cage interior is a touch wider on the exterior than the old Econoline vans but provides over 6 feet of interior width for extra storage and bed space. Our pop top with dual electric motors is then attached to the body to allow for full stand up height and extra sleeping area with a bed big enough for 2 adults.

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure vehicle? Our Field Van Classic 4x4 will take you to the limits and beyond. Often hailed as the most capable RV in the world, we stand behind its reputation and are proud to be the exclusive provider of this one of a kind vehicle. Get the hell in!

Conversion Overview

There are really three major points in building out a van.

The first is deciding which manufacture chassis to use. The next is designing the layout.
The final step is selecting the options to be installed.


Field Van offers a variety of uniquely designed, and well thought out floor plans. You can start with one of our premier plans that have been perfected over decades of van building, or work with one of our experienced project managers to create something custom.

Chassis Types

We know there are many types of vehicles that can be turned into an overlanding vehicle. We work on vans — only vans. It is what we know. Let's get started by picking a van.

Available Options

There are many things to add to a van.

Furnaces, awnings, racks, wheels & tires and lots of other items. Our team is here to assist you in finding the best options for your van.

Basecamp Interior

The interior is going to include flooring, extreme insulation, wall panels, trims, window coverings, and safety items like a fire extinguisher and Smoke & CO Detector. There are different options for the colors and materials.


The batteries of the van dictate how long one can run equipment on the van. It starts with a 200Ah AGM battery and more AGM batteries can be added. Another option is to upgrade to lithium batteries. This allows for more power in a smaller package that should have about double the lifespan of an AGM battery. They do have to be stored inside, so there has to also be some room to store in the floor plan.


We include LED lighting thoughout the van. There will be dimmable overhead lighting on the ceiling and reading lights throughout the van where appropriate. We also include a porch light on the rear passenger side of the van.


There are two of each 12V, 110V and USB outlets that can be placed throughout the van that work best with the floor plan. Plenty to cover most needs, but we can also add additional plugs if more are needed. There is also an exterior waterproof outlet on the rear passenger side. Finally the shore power inlet is typically located on the driver rear.

  • Second Alternator
  • Solar

Water System

The system includes a 16G Fresh Water Tank and 12V water pump to get the water where it needs to go. We also include the galley sink and gray tank along with an exterior shower to assist in rinsing off. There is also a city water hook up on the driver rear along with all the necessary hoses.

  • Water Heater
  • Fuel fired vs propane
  • Comfort
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigerator

Our included fridge is an Isotherm 100 Classic, but if more space is needed, it can be upgraded to larger ones from both Isotherm and Norcold. For smaller vans or the space conscious, we also have smaller fridges that can be tucked in where needed.