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Our expert crew of top installers has installed thousands of tops over the years. We start by building up your top with our hand sewn canvas and custom fiberglass shell. Special thread and seam sealer is used on all joint areas. We then prepare our “in house” designed electric lift mechanism and factory tested roof rails for support.

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Once you drop off your van, the top is prepped and cut within minutes of being checked in. Don’t worry, we still measure twice! The top mechanism is then hoisted into place using a fixed crane in our top installation department. The top and canvas is then fit and sealed. Before the trims have been completed, the van is taken outside for a full water test to ensure there are no leaks. The trims and bed are then installed and then it goes out again for a nice wash and 2nd water test.

All of this is done within 2-3 days depending on your type of van and options!

The vans we are able to install a pop top are listed below.
We are not able to install a top on any other type of vehicle.

  • Chevy Express/GMC Savana Van - 1998 to present (No Passenger Vans)
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - 144" Standard Roof - 2007 to present
  • Ford E-Series Van - 1992 to 2014
  • Mercedes-Benz Metris - 126" Cargo or Passenger Van
  • Ford Transit - 130" & 148" Low Roof and 148" Medium Roof - 2015 to present
  • RAM ProMaster - 136" Low Roof - 2015 to present

Our Pricing

Pop Top Sprinter/Transit - Electric: $11,500

Pop Top ProMaster - Electric: $12,000


  • Pop Top Bed: $650
  • Pop Top Paint to Match: $1,250
  • Pop Top Insulated Curtain: $800
  • Aluminess Pop Top Rack: $3,325

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