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Meet Our Meadow Series Blog

Imagine if you could pick up your home, and take it everywhere with you, that is our Meadow Series Conversion. The Meadow Series is designed to bring the comfort and amenities of a home to the great outdoors. If you’re looking to get away from the RV parks and into the off-grid spots, while still being completely self-contained, the Meadow Series is for you. To give you a better look into all the amazing amenities these rigs have to offer, let's have a look at one of our Meadow M-1 Series.
The specific van featured happens to be in a High-Roof all-wheel drive 148-inch wheelbase Ford Transit. The Ford Transit is the best-selling van in America and is available with several popular engine options to choose from. Some other notable features in the Ford Transits include 10 Speed Automatic Transmission, Pre-Collision Automatic Braking, Side Wind Stabilization, 3 Available Lengths and Heights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Power Sliding doors, and so much more.
The Meadow Series is also available on the Mercedes Sprinter vans. When we say that the Meadow Series is a home away from home, we mean it. This Meadow M-1 is equipped with a one-burner induction stove to make life a little easier on those chilly mornings and rainy days. While we know a lot of our customers prefer to cook their meals outside, the Meadow Series ensures that no matter the weather conditions, you can always have a home-cooked meal. Alongside the stove top is a built-in sink, to make clean-up simple and efficient. Fun Fact: When we can make two things into one, we do it. All built-in sinks come with a cover to create more counter space when the sink is not in use. Our covers double as a cutting board, making it even more convenient and functional for all your adventures.
The Galley design for this rig comes into the doorway of the van and includes a flip down counter. This space is perfect for cooking a meal outside, making a drink station while hanging by the campfire or beating your friends in a round of card games. This van features a beautiful extension with our Butcher Block Counters which are a popular addition to any van. These little counter extensions give you a little bit more counter space, but tuck away really nicely to still allow for a really easy entry when we do go inside the van.
All our Meadow Series are furnished with a full bathroom system to continue with our RV-inspired design. This specific M-1 includes one of our smaller bathroom options. Featuring a 33-inch bath and shower as well as a portable cassette toilet that can be tucked away or even left at home to create more shower space and put back in place to be used. The Max Air Fan is an essential feature for our high-roof vans. It is installed in the roof of the vans and helps to circulate air. It can be used both to push out steam and vapor while taking a hot shower or cooking indoors and being able to reverse direction to pull in cooler air on those hot sunny days.
The Meadow Series embodies an RV-style inspired design. At the rear of the van, a U-shaped seating area with a full-width couch and two ottoman seats are included in the standard M-1 layout. This makes for a perfect place to hang out with friends and family, and relax after a long day of adventuring. This Couch area also converts to an almost king width 75’ x 69’ bed in the back. Prefer to hang do your relaxing outdoors and want a more permanent bed with storage for gear underneath? No problem. The meadow series plans can also be had with a solid Platform bed in the rear to replace the couch/ottoman set up as well. Each rig is set up with easy to use control panels for the all of the systems. Most M1 series vans would incorporate a Lithium Battery System that can be tailored to the customers power needs with anywhere from 240 Amp/hours all the way up to 900+ Amp/hour systems to power 12V air conditioning units through the night. The Xantrex 3012 Freedom 3000 Watt Inverter gives you all the power you need for household devices and appliances, and the Elwell timberline fuel powered Furnace / Hot water system keep you toasty warm and night and provide a hot shower when coming off the trail. Other features included in the M-1 Series includes:
  • Galley Cabinet with sink and storage.
  • Exterior shower
  • Large Storage Cabinets
  • Extended Flip Up counter space
  • Built in Fridge
This is only the beginning. Depending on the vans height and length even MORE features can be incorporated into your home on wheels. Some of these features includes:
  • Built-In Microwave
  • Bike racks
  • Heating and A/C
  • L-track storage solutions
  • Solar Panels
  • On-demand hot water And more!
Van Tour Here Thanks for getting to know our Meadow Series. Our team is passionate about the craftsmanship of building reliable, customized vans that let you create your own adventures on and off-trail.