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At Field Van in Fresno, our camper van conversions allow you to create your own adventure!

Learn about the different options available when building a van. These include the chassis to start with, the layout, and the options: both inside and out.

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Our Process

30+ years of custom van building with over 5000 completed campers!

Our goal at Field Van in Fresno is to make the process of building camper vans as seamless as possible. There are many ways to build a custom van, but our years of experience will lead you through the process.

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Field Van offers a variety of uniquely designed, and well thought out floor plans. You can start with one of our premier plans that have been perfected over decades of van building, or work with one of our experienced project managers to create something custom.

Chassis Types

We know there are many types of vehicles that can be turned into an overlanding vehicle. We work on vans — only vans. It is what we know. Let's get started by picking a van.

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    When an Adventure Van Expo is held in a place like Bend, OR it is not hard to find willing volunteers from the Field Van team to make the trip.…

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  • Field Van will be at Overland Expo West!

    Overland Expo West is one of the largest events of its kind anywhere in the world. It showcases anything and everything that involves vehicle dependent camping and traveling. There are…

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Client Testimonials

  • When I brought my 2003 van in for service I was treated like family. I had an odd request that I wasn’t sure could be completed, but the service advisor Chris smiled and with a twinkle in his eye told me, “I think we can make that happen.” Everything turned out great for my road trip to the Overland Expo!


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  • Almost immediately after getting engaged, my wife and I decided to invest in memories up front with a van built for adventure. We wanted to share memories together, grow a family together with the outdoors at the root of it, and have the van be our home away from home. The process was about as simple and straightforward it can be. From the beginning to end, all our questions were answered, gaps in knowledge filled, and the advice on our build based on what our dreams were was spot on. Not a single stone was left unturned throughout the entire process to include financing, details of the build, and support thereafter. I’m not sure it could get any easier! We’re now coming up on our 2nd VAN-niversary and couldn’t imagine life without it. Our van has become our go-to vehicle for everything we do. We use it anytime we’re headed out as a family, even if its just to the grocery store, the dog park, and yes, those weekend adventures and road trips. It is never sitting in one spot too long! Having never purchased a van like this in the past, there was always that thought in the back of our minds wondering if we were doing the right thing, but we can confidently say now that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. We would do it all over again! These adventure vans are not a single use vehicle. They can be adapted to every single use case and lifestyle that is out there. Big trips or small trips, our van has increased our enjoyment in the outdoors and we are no doubt receiving one of the greatest gifts we could ask for - lasting family memories.


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  • My first experience with the Feld family was over two decades ago, living in a camper van back then was something you didn't want to share as much as today. I traveled yearly through many states as an aerial delivered firefighter (smokejumper). Seeing these vans in Baja, I had to finally stop in Fresno and see it for myself: the best van conversion company on the planet. I was honored to meet Alan Feld, he treated me like family and showed me around the facility and even walked me back to my 1974 Econoline 300, I was a bit embarrassed to show him my van after seeing the amazing vehicles they converted right there in Fresno, California. It was great to show him my home on wheels, and after that day, I had a goal firmly fixed for my future. Many years later, I was able to purchase one of their used vans and come back to Fresno for accessories and upgrades. I still own both vans to this day, and I'll always be grateful that I stopped and met the Feld family that day so many years ago. If you're looking for not only a van, but an entire experience in a Top-Tier van conversion, you found the right place…


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  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the launch party at the Reno facility. My wife and I had a wonderful time. We are currently awaiting our classic build (our chassis arrived!), and it was so awesome to see some faces behind the build. It was nice to see Alan again and he took time out to give us some insight to our build. Jonny was gracious and even bought us a cold beer! We missed talking to Andrew, but heard he had some great family news that weekend. We look forward to speaking with him as we are local here to Reno. Will Youpel, who is our build master, took a lot of time showing us around the shop and we loved getting to know him better on a more casual basis. So thank you, Will. The overall excitement was well felt from the staff as we cruised around checking out vans. We even had production folks, forgot names, spend time getting to know us. As they stated... "nice to see the face behind the van". As we have been working with this team through the transition to Field Van, I cannot express our congratulations to the new company and can't wait to pick up our van from our hometown, here in Reno!!!!

    Sean and Alyssa

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