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Top Trends and Latest Innovations from Field Van

At Field Van, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving van life industry. Our focus on unique, customer-centric designs has led to two significant trends and the launch of an innovative new model that embodies these trends.

Current Trends We are Seeing in the #VanLife Community
- Open Floor Plan Concepts
One of the prominent trends we've observed is the increasing demand for open floor plan concepts. Our Summit Series vans are designed with open floor plans that provide ample space for activities, making them perfect for socializing, traveling with family, or simply enjoying the ride. This design allows for flexibility and freedom of movement inside the van, ensuring a comfortable and livable space regardless of the weather or location.

- Modularity and Adaptability
A growing demand for versatility brings us to our Tide Series. This layout features removable and interchangeable seating and bed systems, enabling users to customize their space for various trip lengths and purposes. This design makes it easy to switch between different configurations, whether you’re using it as a camper, accommodating passengers, or transforming the van into a cargo carrier.
Want to have a better look at this Tide series? Check out some Instagram posts: Video 1 and Video 2

NOW for the launch…Introducing the Summit S4
In response to both trends, we're proud to introduce our latest innovative floor plan, which made its debut at the Overland Expo West: The Summit S4. This floor plan takes the open space concept that is the hallmark of the Summit Series van and combines it with the modularity of the Tide Series van. The result is one of the most comfortable and versatile plans we’ve ever made.

Stay tuned for the latest video drop of this bad boy! Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook for this launch.

Key Features of the Summit S4:
  • Versatile Configuration: Seamlessly transition between seating, sleeping, and gear-hauling configurations to suit your adventure needs.
  • Enhanced Gear Hauling Capability: The Summit S4 is engineered to accommodate large amounts of gear without compromising comfort or space.
  • Innovative Xantrex Gateway System: Our latest model comes equipped with the state-of-the-art Xantrex Gateway system, offering simplified and modernized battery control for seamless van powering.

Do you want to take the whole family on your next adventure, and sleep and seat everyone comfortably? No problem—Mom and Dad even get a bed that’s larger than a queen! Need to fit two motorcycles inside? Go right ahead. Simply slide the sofa seat forward, raise the rear bed up, or take it out entirely, and you’re all set. Trying to carry mountain bikes, skis, camp chairs, and everything for the ultimate spring road trip and not have to take anything out to sleep and hang comfortably? The S4 has you covered. With the Summit S4, we're redefining the possibilities of van living. Whether you're gearing up for a weekend getaway or headed out on a cross-country adventure, our newest model ensures that you're equipped for every adventure ahead. Check out some sneak peeks we have for you of an S4 under construction and the innovative new Xantrex system.