Tide Series

Like the tide changes, these plans are versatile and can change to meet your various needs.

With large cargo spaces, you can load your mountain bikes, kayaks and surf boards in the summer or keep it stocked with skis, snowboards and parkas for the winter months. With a Tide Series, you are always ready to roll. Contact our van conversion experts in Reno or Fresno today to build an off-road camper van fit for all your adventures!

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The T-1 plan offers extreme versatility for camping or hauling.

Based on the shorter wheelbase vans, the T-1 has removable track seats and can accommodate up to 5 forward facing passengers with shoulder seat belts. On the driver’s side is a small galley cabinet with sink. Our builders in Reno and Fresno outfit each of these off road camper vans with a removable platform bed in the rear with tons of storage room below. Optional Flarepace extensions are available to extend the bed length.

The T-3 plan is a great plan for those that love gear and toys.

Removable track seats with shoulder belts allow for up to 5 passengers. Rear removable platform beds accommodate sleeping for 4 adults. On the driver’s side, a nice size galley cabinet with refrigerator, sink, optional stove and upper microwave fits between the seats and the beds. The seats and beds can all be removed for cargo hauling. Tons of storage, open space, paired with seating and sleeping for the whole crew makes the T-3 a popular layout. Our team in Reno or Fresno is ready to build a camper van for all your off-road treks!


Explore the Field Van variety of customizable floor plans. Our layouts are custom built based on the needs of the van and your family! Field Van customizers are always available to help you plan and design your perfect camper van.