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Adventure Van Expo in Eagle, CO

The Field Van crew headed to Adventure Van Expo in Eagle, Colorado and these are some of the stories that took flight! Headed into the week of the Eagle show the stoke level was high as the sales crew was deciding who will get to go to this year’s Colorado show. Somehow the new guy was able to pull the shortest stick and he hit the road faster than a Bald Eagle closing in on some prey.Jack, the new guy, knew he had no time to waste as he raced across the desert and mountains to get to the Rockies and start “work.” Stubborn and motivated he made it to a truck stop in Grand Junction, CO, and used one the best van features, stealth camping. But that was not good enough, up before sunrise
Jack was off to try and find some IMBA “Gold” lines at Snowmass Aspen. After park laps on Cowboy Coffee, Valhalla, and Gonzo and closing out the day at Limelight hotel in the base area it was apparent he had succeeded.
But knowing he could not let the president beat him to the show to start setting up, Jack was back on the I-70 and headed towards Eagle
He was able to sneak into the Eagle venue just before Jonny and start getting the booth set up. Now, it was time to relax and tell some stories with good friends at the show. The whole crew could not help but enjoy as much of the beautiful Colorado night as possible.
Cue up Saturday, the Expo was set to open at 10 AM, a very welcome delayed start to the day. {Enter pic of Booth} The show had a great flow of people all day, making for a quick workday for the Field Van crew. Shoutout to Van Wife Components for keeping us all well-fed the whole weekend as well. Saturday evening our neighbors at the show, Flarespace, hosted a kegger for vendors and customers cooking up tacos for all to enjoy. Jonny provided the music thanks to the killer sound system in the Summit 3 show van. Tacos, Beers and good music is one tough trio to beat. Tired from a long day of #vanlife and many miles of driving in the days prior the whole crew went to bed early.
Day two of the Expo opened with clear skies and perfect weather. The Field Van crew was ready for another awesome day of slinging vans. After watching the countless private planes land at the airstrip a town over and daydreaming of a swift flight home the crew knew they had their work cut out for them on the return to Fresno. With the help of some local knowledge and the ever-strong allure of Moab, they knew this would be the first stop on the journey home. Into Arches National Park they went, headed towards Tower Arch and Klondike Bluffs, then to Courthouse Towers for an amazing sunset and views.
Knowing they still had a big chunk of driving in front of them, off again they went. After a quick pit stop at Maverick and some thunderstorm theatrics, the FV crew was off again.
The new guy floating on cloud nine already was in for another treat heading south for Vegas to celebrate Jonny’s wife’s birthday. There is no better way of enjoying a summer day in Vegas than a pool party followed up with a delicious dinner! However, like any other good times, all things must come to an end, and the FV crew had to return to reality. Having enjoyed a nice reset in Vegas back in the vans they were bound for Fresno. All and all a very successful show, trip, and team bonding.