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Big Hunt Open Golf Tournament

Charity events bring great support and awareness to their causes and typically great energy from the participants. The Big Hunt Open in Reno, Nevada held on September 10th proved to do just that. While helping to raise around $25K for Caring for Angels and Make ‘Em Smile Foundation, the team at Field Van got in on the fun. Field Van sponsored the 12th hole. A 151 yd par 3 at the Lakeridge golf course in Reno. Two vans were on display and were, fortunately, able to dodge a few errant shots from some of the participants. The tournament was a scramble format with 4 players on a team. Each player would hit their ball and then play from where their team’s best shot ended up. Groups were teeing off at 8 AM and the next round of golfers at 1:30 PM. Team Field Van had the afternoon time slot. For the morning round, our team spent time showing off the vans and we were also tasked with explaining the contests being held on hole 12. A hole-in-one would win a new driver or $500 cash. In a bunker short and left of the green, a yellow umbrella was sticking out of the sand. The umbrella was there to mark that bunker as “The Hoff” bunker. If a player’s shot went into that bunker they were instructed to write their name on the ball and leave it in the sand. At the end of the tournament, all the balls would be collected and one winner would be chosen to receive an autographed photo of David Hasselhoff. The Hasselhoff reference is from the all-time classic golf movie Happy Gilmore. The line goes, “You spend more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff” referencing the actor’s time as a character on the show Baywatch. Many players aimed for that bunker wanting the glory of the Hoff prize to be displayed above their mantle. It’s funny how it was harder for these guys to hit it in the sand when they were trying to…probably should have aimed for the green!
After a morning of heckling and hassling the early groups, it was time for Team Field Van to hit the course. We would start on hole 13 ending where the vans were parked on hole 12. From the get-go, we were feeling it. Bombing drives and hitting greens set us up for early birdies and a lip-out Eagle look. Almost driving a couple of par 4 greens let the group in front of us know we meant business. In a tournament like this, a team needs a score of -18 or so to have a chance so pars won’t do you any good. On hole 17 there is another par 3 with an elevated tee box hitting an island style green. It was a fun signature hole and a challenge to hit a good tee shot. We ended up making par. The most exciting part of the day came on another par 3 with the hole-in-one prize being a new SUV. 178 yards out a 7-iron shot was in the air and seeking the pin. The ball landed and spun back inches from the hole almost dunking it in for the car. At least we made the birdie putt. As the round came to an end we approached hole 12 and confirmed that no golf balls went through a van window. We were out of the running to win the tournament sitting at - 10 so our thoughts were on hitting it into the bunker for a chance at the Hoff. As we headed to the tee box we noticed not a single ball was in the bunker nor was there a rep from the tournament there to explain the contest. So we finished out the round and loaded up the vans to head out. The after-party was held at Bighorn Tavern and the place was packed. They had food and drinks flowing and the tournament participants were in good spirits. We informed the organizer of the mishap on the Hasselhoff hole and he said that we would figure something out. An auction followed and the awards for the tournament champions, longest drive, and closest to the pin were announced. Nineteen strokes under par ended up taking it down. As for the signed David Hasselhoff photo it was generously presented to Team Field Van for the sponsorship and big energy on hole 12! It is proudly on display in our Reno facility and we have the letter of authenticity so you know it’s legit.