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  • Ep. 3 From Fire Captain to Van Life: Exploring the World of Field Van with Mario Cabrales

Ep. 3 From Fire Captain to Van Life: Exploring the World of Field Van with Mario Cabrales

In the episode, host Jonny Feld sits down with Mario Cabrales, a remarkable individual who wears multiple hats in life. Mario is not just a seasoned fire captain in the Los Angeles Fire Department, but he is also a passionate van life enthusiast and a close friend of the Field Van team. This unique combination has enabled him to experience extraordinary adventures, showcasing the world of first responders like never before.While he thrives as a fire captain, Mario's other passion lies in van life. Discovering the beauty of nomadic living and the freedom it offers, he embarked on a journey that has transformed his life. Through van life, Mario has found a sense of connection with nature and fellow travelers, allowing him to immerse himself in the great outdoors. In the podcast, he shares heartwarming stories of acts of kindness during his van life adventures, from helping stranded travelers to lending a hand during natural disasters. Mario's experiences exemplify the true spirit of van life - building a close-knit community while exploring the vastness of the world. Mario emphasizes his famous motto, "just buy a van." This mantra, born from his personal experience, encourages others to take the leap and embrace the van life lifestyle. He dispels common myths and misconceptions, inspiring listeners to embrace a more adventurous and fulfilling life on the road. As a close friend of the Field Van team, Mario has had the privilege of experiencing remarkable journeys with their custom-built vans. The podcast highlights some of the breathtaking destinations Mario has explored using his Field Van. From serene mountains to picturesque coastal views, these journeys capture the essence of van life at its finest. Through his unique blend of roles, Mario's captivating stories and adventures inspire us to seek a balance between fulfilling careers and personal passions. His famous motto, "just buy a van," echoes as a call to embrace new adventures, discover the world, and forge meaningful connections on the open road. To watch the full segment of Episode 3, check out Field Van’s podcast. Field Van’s podcasts can also be found on Youtube // Apple // Spotify Make sure to visit their website and connect on their Instagram and TikTok to embark on your own extraordinary journey with Field Van!