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  • Ep. 4 Aluminess: Top Shelf Accessories for Vans with Evert Greis Driving the Brand's Success

Ep. 4 Aluminess: Top Shelf Accessories for Vans with Evert Greis Driving the Brand's Success

In this latest episode of Questions and Vanswers, we dove into the fascinating world of Alumniess with Evert Greis, the newly appointed manager. Aluminess is a California-based company renowned for its exceptional aluminum products tailored for off-road vehicles and here at Field Van, we can’t get enough of their products. Buckle up as we explore the captivating story behind the company, their innovative products, and the exciting realm of van customization.The legacy that Aluminess has built over the past two decades is one that deserves great recognition. For the last 20 years, the company has carved its name in the off-road community as a beacon of quality and innovation. What makes them different? Their products are crafted and designed for strength and utility, providing additional protection for your vehicle, all from Aluminum. The lighter weight from the aluminum allows you and your vehicle to get full performance out of your suspension and prevent the wear and tear on your alignment, brakes, and tires. Evert Gries, the General Manager of Alumniess, is a true aficionado of all things van life with van modifications and accessories. His passion for all things off-road is palpable as he shares his journey and insights with us. Evert’s extensive experience and knowledge in the industry make this conversation a goldmine of information for anyone looking to dive deeper into their off-road expertise.
One of Jonny's most enticing conversations throughout the podcasts explained the past, present and future of Aluminess. The first glimpse into the company's humble beginnings, its growth over the years and the driving force behind its constant innovation. But perhaps the most exciting part is the future. Ever highlights some of Aluminess' latest offerings and how they cater to the ever- evolving needs of off-roaders and those who are living their lives on the road. Giving us the inside scoop about upcoming product releases, we know that Aluminess is destined to continue revolutionizing the industry and refinding off-road vehicle customization. To watch the full segment of Episode 4, check out Field Van’s podcast. Field Van’s podcasts can also be found on Youtube // Apple // Spotify Make sure to visit their website and connect on their Instagram and TikTok to embark on your own extraordinary journey with Field Van!