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  • Ep. 5: Behind the Wheel: A Conversation with Kevin, Co-Founder of Moterra Campervans

Ep. 5: Behind the Wheel: A Conversation with Kevin, Co-Founder of Moterra Campervans

In a recent podcast interview, Field Van President Jonny Feld comes together with one of Moterra Campervans CEOs, Kevin Deneen, to dive into the partnership and history of Field Van and Moterra, all while filming in a van of course. Moterra Camper Van, is the leading luxury campervan rental company with an impressive fleet of over 70 luxury vans spread across 7 locations in America. Founded in 2017, all 3 founders– Kevin, Trevor, and Gabe– are driven by a shared passion for the freedom and excitement that comes along with exploring the great outdoors.In this episode, Kevin goes back to the beginning of Moterra and how they wound up partnering up with Field Van. While they had the passion, their knowledge and van expertise was not as extensive as it needed to be. This wasn’t enough to stop them though, as their love for adventure allowed them to envision all the possibilities. That’s when they came into contact with Field Van, who shared the same fire, and had the OG knowledge of the van industry. One exciting conversation later, and a partnership was made. From creating layouts to choosing amenities, both Moterra and Field Van worked hand in hand to combine efficiency and comfort for the ultimate camping experience.
These vans have provided customers with an opportunity that no one had yet been able to experience, the chance to explore the most beautiful and wildest places in both comfort and style without any of the hassle. The Field Van team is proud to be in a partnership that has enabled individuals to unlock new possibilities in the great outdoors and help more people Create Their Adventure. To watch the full segment of Episode 5, check out Field Van’s podcast. Field Van’s podcasts can also be found on Youtube // Apple // Spotify Make sure to visit their website and connect on their Instagram and TikTok to embark on your own extraordinary journey!