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  • Exploring the M2 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 by Field Van

Exploring the M2 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 by Field Van

Let's take a tour of the Meadow Series M2, led by our guide for the day, Halle. This purpose-built van is designed for two, but it's fully customizable to fit additional passengers if needed. It's a perfect mix of comfort, convenience, and off-road capabilities, and here's the best part; it easily fits right into regular parking spots. Let’s dive in! This M2 is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 chassis, but the plan can also be built in both the Ford Transit and Dodge Promaster vans as well. To kick it up a notch, in this van we've thrown in Agile Off-Road's Rip Kit suspension upgrade for better on and off road performance . This means you're in for a smooth and exhilarating ride, no matter where you roam.
As we step inside, we first notice the factory swivel seats that are all about versatility. They serve a double purpose in this van as both driving seats and a comfortable hang out space when swiveled around. Make sure to take a look at the clever spot where the refrigerator hangs out—right behind the driver's seat, but set back a bit from the standard placement. This allows the driver's seat to completely swivel around in that space. Designing the counter area above the fridge to be low also generates an open ambiance while providing a practical space for work or dining. Add in the optional Lagun table for a community table to allow for shared meals and card games.
Above the fridge, the control center for essential systems comes into view. The M2 is typically outfitted with a Lithium battery system that can be tailored to your power needs from 200 - 1200+ amp hours, all managed by the trusty Xantrex inverter and battery monitor. Craving a hot shower after getting off the trail, or a space to warm up for apres ski? The Elwell Timberline system has you covered with hot water on demand and a powerful furnace to keep you warm on even the chilliest nights. Solar panels from Zamp Solar keep the batteries maintained and the beverages in the fridge cold while you are away, while the optional 12V Air Conditioning will cool things down when mother nature turns up the heat. Moving on to the middle of the van, you've got a bathroom and shower combo that washes away your worries! This M2 features a portable Thetford cassette toilet, but you have the freedom to pick from various options, including a built-in cassette, marine toilet, Laveo, or composting toilet. Whatever your toilet preference may be, we’ve got your butt covered. In the galley, there's no shortage of storage. There is a built-in induction stove for cooking those gourmet camp meals along with a stainless steel sink for prep and clean up. But the real star of the show…. the pull-out pantry, that gives tons of accessible storage in a small space. We also have to shine the spotlight on the Field Van Stash bed, this is where comfort gets serious. You can go for a single big cushion for ultimate coziness, or two separate cushions for easy adjustment and break down to fit larger items. The M2 stash bed with 36” of clearance underneath fits most of your gear with ease, including full size mountain bikes. Need more room? The bed easily stacks up and stows away to fit larger items, even a dirt bike!
Speaking of storage, in this video Halle shows you all the storage solutions we incorporate in our vans such as the L-Track and Mesh pockets on the walls of the van. These pockets are paired with outlets that make them perfect for charging gadgets and stashing essentials within arm's reach.
As we mentioned, the M2, with the huge cargo area under the bed, is ready for all the outdoor gear you can throw at it! It's like a treasure chest under there, holding all your adventure gear. Take a look at the L-Track system—Halle's got a demonstration that shows how it keeps your bikes and gear safe and sound during your trips. Open up the systems cabinets and you'll find the water tank which ranges from 21 gallons and up, Lithium batteries, 3000W inverter, and more. And don't forget the outdoor shower—just the thing for a refreshing splash after a long day’s journey or even just washing muddy boots and gear before it goes back into the van. When it comes to maximizing storage while still having all the comforts of a much larger rig, the M2's got your back, ensuring you've got everything you need for life on the road.
Interested to see more? Check out the video where Halle gives you the lowdown on the M2's highlights—a van purpose-built for comfort and versatility, with enough storage to make any adventure a breeze. Whether you're cruising on off-road trails or discovering remote spots, the M2's got you covered with a mix of comfort, practicality, and off-road capability. Big thanks for joining Halle on this journey through the M2. Keep your eyes peeled for more cool designs and features from the Meadow series. Ready to build your dream van? Give Field Van a call today: (559) 233-8267