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Meet Our Summit Series Camper Van

Our Summit Series floor plans are what we like to call “legendary plans.” These plans stand the test of time for functional living space and have always been some of our best selling layouts. However at Field Van, every van we build is custom made to fit the specific needs of its owner. Even in the timeless designs of the Summit series we recognize that it is the small details and subtle design changes that really make the van work for each individual. It is for this reason that we offer a range of options for every floor plan design we build, allowing us to transform our “standard plans” into a customized layout just for you. So let's have a look at one of our Summit S1 series floor plans, but with a little bit of a twist.
This particular van sits on a Mercedes 4x4 Chassis and includes factory Mercedes features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot avoidance, a 360 degree camera set up, and a 10” interactive touch screen to monitor vehicle systems. Factory driver and passenger swivel seats can be turned to face the rear of the van. When combined with the full width couch and open space that is the hallmark of the summit series, they create a spacious and comfortable seating area for up to 6 people. From the ski resort parking lot to cold nights off the beaten path this area comes in clutch to relax between adventures. Some of the features in this particular model include our deep blue sea cabinets, a butcher block counter, and a large built-in refrigerator right behind the driver’s seat. The center galley cabinet features several drawers and an area for a portable cassette toilet too. The stainless steel sink and built-in induction stove add to the mix to make for a spacious and functional kitchen to prep and cook all your favorite meals on the road. The difference between this version and our standard Summit S1 layout is that our standard plan has an entire row of tall cabinets that run behind the kitchen area to the rear of the van on the driver’s side for storage. In this version of the plan, lovingly called the “Full Couch” version, we forgo the side cabinets in order to run the couch all the way across the van. This gives several advantages, one of which is that the lower bed becomes huge, at almost a full king size! Another advantage is that in making the couch wider we also gain an additional shoulder harness seat belt, ideal for a family with two kids. Deleting the side cabinet also allows for an additional full-size window, which gives an almost full 360 view - perfect for when you’re driving through the epic places these vans are meant to go! To make up for the trade off of storage in this plan we’ve utilized the L-Track on both sides in the rear area of the van. This allows for gear storage, hang-able luggage bags, and other items to easily be stowed away while driving and modular use to adapt to any adventure.
This alternative take on the classic Summit S1 plan still has all the comforts of a home. Other awesome features include:
  • Exterior shower
  • Full sink
  • Elwell Timberline system that heats the interior of the van even in the coldest conditions and gives on-demand hot water.
  • 360Ah lithium battery system to meet all your power needs.
  • 3000W Xantrex inverter and two 100W Zamp Obsidian solar panels combined with a shore power connection and a Red Arc DC to DC charger to allow the batteries to be charged from the sun, from the vehicle engine while driving, and from a shore power connection when staying at a friends house or a site with a hook up.
This model includes our Field Van Pop Top, which is a common pairing with the Summit S1 layout. This combines with the lower bed to allow 4 people to sleep in absolute comfort. Some new features in our Pop Top include an additional rear window and standard Arctic Shades that can be deployed to encircle the pop top area and allow for warm sleeping in winter conditions, yes, even with the top up! To finish off this rig we added some of the exterior accessories to take this van to the next level and help us carry our gear in style. These include:
  • Owl Vans Tire Carrier
  • Owl Vans Sherpa Rack with Large Expedition Box to hold any number of outdoor items from firewood and portable bbq’s to recovery accessories and even the occasional outdoor kitchen.
  • Fiamma Awning on the passenger side which is the perfect addition to an outdoor living space
  • CATuned Off-Road front bumper and Warn winch for when “4x4” just means stuck in a harder to get to place
  • Baja Designs LP6 lights to cut through the trail dust and fog when hitting the trail
To make sure your rig is ready to take you on any adventure, we can’t forget to mention the Method wheels and BFGoodrich KO2 tires. This van has an Agile Off-Road RIP kit, which stands for “Ride Improvement Package” and makes for even better off-roading and on-the-highway experiences. To check our more of this vehicle, head to the youtube video here.
Thanks for taking the time to explore this version of our Summit S1 plan. With 30+ years of custom van building experience and an amazing crew of hard working craftsmen, we really do have a van for everyone! Ready to let us help YOU design your dream adventure van? Send us an email at info@fieldvan.com or give us a call at (559) 233-8267