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  • Meet the newest member of the Field Van Family: Old Saint Nick

Meet the newest member of the Field Van Family: Old Saint Nick

It was a cold, rainy December evening when the employees at Field Van could hear a strange sound outside the showroom windows. It was the sound of hooves on the roof, and as the employees peered outside, they couldn't believe their eyes. There was Santa Claus, standing atop the Field Van dealership, his trusty sleigh parked nearby.As the employees rushed outside to greet him, Santa explained that he had decided to trade in his traditional mode of transportation for something a bit more modern and efficient. "I've been delivering presents to children all over the world for centuries, and I've always relied on my trusty sleigh and team of reindeer to get the job done," he said. "But I figured it was time for a change and what better way to make deliveries than in a Field Van? They have plenty of room for all my presents, and surely can take on any adventure,” said Old Saint Nick. The Field Van employees were in awe as they helped Santa load his presents into the back of his new rig. They marveled at the size and strength of the vehicle, and Santa couldn't help but smile as he took the wheel and revved the engine. "This is going to make my job so much easier," he exclaimed. “With these two SmartSeats and a Stache Bed, I’ll be able to get my job done, and take Mrs. Claus on our annual post-Christmas adventure stress-free.” Old Saint Nickolas was kind enough to take a quick picture in his new sprinter van, confirming he is now a valued member of the Field Van Family and will be continuing to Create His Adventure for all the Christmases to come. He asked us if we would ask our Field Van community on where he should take Mrs.Claus on their first Field Van adventure? All fun jokes and storytelling aside….It's never too late to start - Creating Your Adventure! Make 2023 the year to get in and go Field Van style. Whether you're planning to road trip down the coast of California, a quick weekend getaway, or just need a reliable and comfortable rig to drive you around the country once a year to deliver presents to all the children of the world, Field Van has you covered. Take a look at our impressive selection of Field Vans here: https://fieldvan.com/for-sale/